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Starting with the DNA of the brand
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NOMMART works with brands in all lines of business to help them build or rebuild their fundamentals.

As a mobilizing force, the goal is for each brand to be:

Clear about what it’s offering




Coherent over time

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Major international advertisers are successful thanks to their unique vision. They constantly and clearly affirm the mission of their brand. This helps them create emotional bonds with their customers and dominate their market.

Nommart works with the teams of its clients to identify the fundamentals of their brand: its history, its DNA, its purpose, its meaning and its vision. In some cases, it is necessary to create them or rediscover them.This in-depth work makes it possible to build the brand platform, which will help define the communication fundamentals, as well as the product policy or the communications strategy, to give the brand a long-term position in its market.  This platform can be used as a resource to create the tagline, the annual communications plan or more global communications (campaigns, online presence…). The brand fundamentals can be used to give a relevant direction to communications operations such as advertising, promotional campaigns, digital communication (e-newsletter, e-mailings, website) including communication on social networks (we deliver the editorial charter and the publication calendar). These operations help build the image of the brand but also produce commercial leads.

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