Company naming

Creating a company name

For many managers, the challenge is finding a company name that embodies their values, that is distinctive, impactful, and helps to create value.

NOMMART has an extensive experience of company naming, whether it takes place during the creation of the company, when it’s being taken over, or during a merger. Our comprehensive naming process includes an immersion in the company’s activity, meetings with the staff, and strategic presentations or workshops for the name creations. Naming can often be part of a process to optimize international development.

Changing a company’s name

Different situations can prompt managers to change their company’s name:

  • the company name is an obstacle to national or international development
  • the company name has to be changed for legal reasons
  • the company name needs to be changed after a takeover
  • the company name has to be changed rapidly after a crisis

In each of these situations, an in-depth audit of the name change issue is performed, with several interviews.
The new name is there to breathe new life into the company. Its communication and its business opportunities are energized, and its brand as an employer is enhanced.

Some examples of company name changes by NOMMART

  • The Ermewa group of workshops is now INVEHO
  • The bespoke travel agency The Dealigence is now PASSAGES SECRETS
  • Press’Innov is now CONTENTSIDE
  • The international firm Freelog is now FORIZONS
  • Masterbox is now ICI PRÉSENT !
  • The PSB Group is now IMAGINE HUMAN

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