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“… we create an effective brand name from the emotions we want our customers to experience”

Spotlighting the energy of your brand

When you create a brand, you’re creating energy. You’re setting in motion a company, its vision and all that is offers. The goal for its manager is to create value and at the same time offer the customers benefits or even make them dream. For NOMMART, whether we’re creating a company’s name or defining the essence of a brand, our mission is to strengthen the emotional bonds between the company and its customers, to generate enthusiasm, sharing and loyalty.

Naming as well as showcasing « brand purpose » are passions of ours. In both cases, we are committed to telling a story that will touch the heart of clients. To accomplish this, we highlight the beliefs, the commitment and the mission that inspired the founders and the staff of the company. We put them into plain, simple and direct words that touch the heart of clients and prompt them to act.

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When you create a brand, you’re creating energy

Nicolas Wallyn

Brand creator & Founder

Our brand stories

Naming a company or a brand

As a naming agency, NOMMART specializes in creating company names, brand names or product names. Our mission is to give your brand added value right from the start. We use an efficient methodology to optimize its success, and create a custom-made name, whether it’s a product name, the name of a new business, or a new name for an existing company. To make this a true winner, our experts work with powerful and natural names that showcase the DNA of the company.

We stand for names that tell your story, express your values and style, and generate an authentic and attractive universe for your customers. We avoid artificial names created by software or simply putting syllables together. We stand for strong names, which require commitment, and we optimize your legal protection. Naming is a skilled profession, and one that we practice with passion. Let’s make an appointment to analyze your needs and ambitions

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Strengthening the purpose of the brand to create value

Today it is not enough to offer quality products. Customers no longer think only of their wellbeing or their immediate gratification, they consider what’s being offered as a global, responsible, and respectful commitment. They need to feel an emotional bond with the brand, and share its beliefs, values and a vision. Whether it’s a brand for food, sneakers, industrial products or a new technology, its mission has become a core element of its staying power with its customers.

Developing a brand platform that highlights its vision, its beliefs, and its commitment is a fundamental step of its creation. The platform will energize the brand’s communication, and will also become a strategic driver for company management. The company’s development, production, social responsibility policy, engagement with the community…will all line up with the core values of the newly energized brand.

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The Nommart experts

Nicolas WALLYN



Strategic Planner

Valérie BORGEL

Naming Consultant

Dominique MARÉCHAL

Creative Director


Us Naming Manager

Notre passion : la création de marque

Some of our creations…

naming GED informatique
nom de résidence senior
nom plateforme médicale
nom de produit financier
nom marketplace orthophonie
nom de société immobilier
naming lovestore
naming agence de voyage
nom d'app
nom secteur medical
naming international consulting
nom de société conseil PME
naming agence de communication
nom plateforme médicale
naming ESN informatique
nom de TPE conseil
nom de start up creatif
naming martketplace arts
trouver un nom de groupe
nom de société finance

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